the archive of cine zoo­logie

A cinema led by a zoo director is unique in Europe. Moreover, the archive of Cine Zoo­logie has largely been preserved.

Thanks to this extensive archive, historians now have an overview of the exploitation and the programming of the cinema for the entire period (1915 to 1936). They are able to consult the programme booklets that were offered weekly. Furthermore, the archive contains the reports of the board, the correspondence with visitors, the ledgers, and pictures. These unique documents are preserved at the Antwerp FelixArchief.

At the KU Leuven (Institute for Media Studies) and at LUCA School of Arts (the ‘Re-Visionary’ and ‘Narrative Arts’ research groups), Leen Engelen and Roel Vande Winkel lead a media-historical research project concerning Cine Zoo­logie.

The results of this research project form the backbone of this website.

The Antwerp ZOO developed this digital platform to disclose the archive of Cine Zoo­logie, in collaboration with FelixArchief, the Antwerp FotoMuseum, and Studio Letterwerk.